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A person residing in any part of the country or world can become a member with us. A person can avail the following benefits by being a member :

  • Access to any affiliated club in India and abroad
  • Access to various facilities of the parent club and the affiliated clubs such as lodging, dining, bar, sports  and other club activities like cultural activities and get together   

A person by becoming a member of the parent club enjoys various services at concessional rates in any of the affiliated club.



New Membership is being opened for limited period/ limited people in the category of CORPORATE MEMBER.

Membership Types                                                        Fee                                                                    Subscription


1. Permanent Member                                             INR 5,00,000                                                                                                    INR 2,000 p.a
2. Corporate Member                                              INR 5,00,000 (First Nominee)                                                                  INR 1,000 p.a
                                                                                      INR 2,50,000 ( 2nd to 10th Nominee)                 

3. Senior Citizen                                                        INR 1,00,000                                                                                                   INR 1,000 p.a

4. Service                                                                      INR 1,00,000                                                                                                   INR 1,000 p.a

   (Govt/ Semi Govt Employee) 

5. Ladies                                                                        INR 2,50,000                                                                                                   INR 1,000 p.a

6. Dependent                                                               INR 1,00,000                                                                                                   INR1,000 p.a

The applicant for the dependent member should be the family member of member who has completed 21 years of age.

Outstation residents can apply for Corporate Membership.

The Corporate Membership can be transferred (Nominee can be changed) on nominal charges of INR 10,000 + Service Tax.

**Taxes applicable will be charged extra